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Mike Abrusci is a comedian and little tiny baby from Brooklyn, NY. He has been seen as Medium Jake in Poseur Cops, on IFC's Comedy Crib, The Chris Gethard Show & The Special Without Brett Davis. He has performed at the New York Comedy Festival, the Brooklyn Comedy Festival, the Crom Comedy Festival in Omaha and Atlanta & the Beast Village Comedy Festival. He is currently a cohost of the A Little Time podcast and was a cohost of Da Snack Boys, a vegan snack review web series. You may have heard him as a guest on Las Culturistas, You Know What Dude with Robert Kelly, Dark Tank, Axe To Grind & other podcasts. He also has a very strong immune system and is unofficially the Bad Boy of Comedy™. He wants you to know that writing a bio in the third person is weird and putting that in his own bio is probably a mistake.

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